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What are the features of Oliz outdoor planters?

This collection includes self-watering elevated planter boxes perfect for growing vegetables and fruits on balconies, large planter boxes, window planters, railing planters, balcony planters, hanging baskets, and more. Oliz outdoor planters feature a water inlet, water drainage outlet, self-watering wicking cotton, water barrier, or internal plant grow pot with drainage holes for healthy roots.

How do Oliz outdoor self-watering planters work?

Oliz self-watering planters consist of a plant grow pot and an outer pot that doubles as a water reservoir. The plant grow pot with drainage holes is suspended over the water reservoir to prevent submerging. Wicking cotton ropes are placed inside the base of the plant grow pot and through the drainage holes with enough length to reach the water reservoir. Plants with established root systems absorb water from the planter’s water reservoir using capillary watering. The elevated planter box series uses water barrier trays to ensure healthy roots.

Perfect for balcony gardens

Oliz outdoor self-watering planters can be used indoors, but the water drainage outlet design makes them perfect for outdoor spaces. You don’t have to worry about root flooding, making them ideal for balconies, patios, and rooftops.”