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Whats Oliz vertical minifarm?

Oliz Indoor growing system includes smart herb garden and vertical minifarm or vertical mini garden that use deep water culture(DWC) and nutrient film technique (NFT) hydroponics methods. Oliz vertical hydroponics grow system is represented by the model Z210 mini-vertical farm that based on nutrient film technique (NFT). The nutrient-rich water circulates constantly and automatically between the top and the bottom. This kind of hydroponics cultivation  can 100% reduce your carbon footprint and food miles with 30%-50% faster growing. More nutrients and healthy vitamins, and no pesticides, herbicides or GMO’s. Fresh greens all year round!

Family pets for you

Oliz indoor growing system like ‘family pets’, which are suitable to the whole family. If you would like to connect with nature to relax yourself or enjoy your time with your kids everyday by observing closely how a seed to become a seedling and then blooming, or you just would like to plant vegetables very easily and efficiently, then you need a Oliz indoor growing kit.

What other products in this collection

In addition to hydroponic vertical grow system, we also have soil-based multi-tiered outdoor planter box that could create a mini-vertical balcony farm as well as vertical smart planters.