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Why this collection is called intelligent flowerpot

This collection was honored with silver award by Canton Fair in 2019 due to its design and market value. When the water is over its max. Water level or lack of water, the inbuilt intelligent system of our smart flowerpot will alarm you by sound. And what you need to do is to fill the outer pot with enough water that shouldn’t be over the max. Water level. In addition to the intelligent alarming design, Oliz smart flowerpot are also design as self watering plant pot by wicking cords. Thus plants could absorb water from planter water reservoir.

Stylish design of Oliz intelligent flowerpot

Nordic style design is perfect for indoor decoration. We have white smart flowerpot styles and vintage green smart flowerpot styles. Besides the different shapes like round and rectangle, we also have different sizes for choose. Some decoration details are also eye-catching, for example the wood legs and golden and green legs combination.

What kind of the plants that suitable to this collection

This collection could be also called houseplant self watering planters or self watering indoor smart flowerpot that are best choice for Houseplants. They have convenient water inlet and drainage plant grow pot, which makes plants grow easily and healthily.  And the style is very good for indoor decoration.