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Whats IML decorative coverpot?

IML decorative coverpot collection uses in-mold labeling(IML) process which is usually used on food packaging labeling. Unlike typical stick-on labels or post-production tags, the label pattern of IML process is added during the molding process. IML molding process makes the pattern  inseparable around the flowerpot to create a unique and eye-catching decoration effect.This collection features on rich colorful pattern, thin-wall and customizable easily.

what we provide for in this collection?

IML thin-wall flowerpot has also two parts, that’s plant grow pot and outer pot, which are for self watering function. So besides the perfect decoration effect, this collection is also self watering plant pot collection.

Easy customization for all purpose

Due to the IML process, patterns in this collection could be very colorful and active. What we have in stock are for example China Peking Opera styles, China Cartoon styles or European styles.  you could also provide the pattern that you need and we could make it around pots very easily and efficiently. And good price for you!