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How Oliz houseplant self watering planters work

Oliz self watering planter consists of plant grow pot and outer pot that is also a water reservoir. The plant grow pot with drainage holes is suspend over, allowing it not to be submerged within the water reservoir.

The wicking cotton ropes are placed inside the base of the plant grow pot and through the drainage holes with enough length to be positioned into water reservoir.

Plant with established root system with the ability to absorb water from planter water reservoir using the capillary watering method.

What kind of houseplant self watering planters we have

This collection covers a large products range of indoor self watering plant pots. With different decorative styles, Oliz self watering pots are perfect for home decoration.  By using injection molding technique in our own molding workshop we have different shapes like rectangle, oval,round,triangle,diamond and etc. to choose.

Home space needs a Oliz self watering plant pot

Oliz lifestyle self watering indoor pots, hanging baskets, wall hanging self watering pots are also called ‘lazy flowerpot’. Because by using our auto watering plant pot, the plants can feed themselves! It’s rather hands-free for gardeners!

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